Through the eyes of a Girl

There exists many situations where girls are not allowed or unable to attend school and have the right to an education and because I am a girl, I wanted to address this issue. Unfortunately, families are faced with social and economic barriers which prevents parents from investing the time or money necessary in all of their children. Parents believe that their son’s will remain in the family, whereas girls leave to marry therefore parents place more value on their son’s rather than their daughters. This false view is present in many cultures worldwide but reinforces gender stereotypes that women should be in the home of her husband cooking and cleaning instead of learning and educating herself. After exploring many sites which support women and girls, the one that I found had the most impact was This site provides information regarding the dangers that can affect girls who lack an education. The diagram included in my blog provides a visual representation of the obstacles in which girls must often face on a daily basis. These can vary from:

  • poor health and nutrition
  • early/forced marriages
  • sexism in the classroom
  • no girls washrooms
  • violence in the school (becauseiamagirl, 2015)


Millions of girls are denied the right to an education and face tremendous obstacles. However, it is proven that if they obtain an education, they can lift themselves and those around them out of poverty and into a better life. By giving girls the opportunities necessary, we can empower them and motivate them to achieve success. Education teaches girls how to respect themselves as well as others. It gives them knowledge and skills which can be passed down to their family or even their community. Going to school can foster their critical thinking skills which are essential in potential leaders.It is a proven statistic that children who are born with an educated mother are two times more likely to survive past the age of five (Day of the Girl, 2013).

As a girl I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that this social issue is understood and addressed. I believe that we must all unite as we must unleash our incredible potential. If we simply invested in girls, we could change the world.


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