A Common Denominator

Let’s begin by asking some important questions…
If you could make an impact on the social issues that exists today, what would it be?
Would you address the rights of our children?
Would you address equal opportunities for the disabled?
Would you address inequalities that exist between boys and girls?

Personally, every social issue is a priority and behind each social issue exists the financial barriers and funding issues that remains a constant struggle. Throughout these series of blog posts, we have discussed the social issue that I chose which was Children’s Rights and most importantly, their right to an education. I believe that all the topics discussed comes down to the common denominator of money which affects children’s right to an education. Barriers to receive an education can take many forms such as physical, technological, systematic and attitudinal but the factor which I find most difficult is financial. Children in developed and developing countries are unable to attend school because the countries in which they live are unable to create a stable school system due to lack of funding. Girls are gender stereotyped as their parents are unable to invest their money into their daughters education due to extreme poverty. Many children are unable to attend school or fall behind in their classes because of their parents living standards and socio-economic status (SES). Children with disabilities feel unsafe at or on their way to school as a result of services being taken away from them due to school boards lacking in funding. The unstable financial position many people, companies and countries face is affecting children around the globe. We need to find a way to increase funding for school boards, school systems, teachers, educational services and resources. Currently, we have been relying solely on the funding which exists on the government and texts but this is not enough. We have to rely on ourselves and think about what we can do to make a difference. In my opinion, I do not think that our global society is placing a large enough importance on education because we are too busy with the growing market of technology. Our future is in the hands of children therefore we must invest more time and money to better our global future.

What could you do as workers?
What could you as teachers?
What could you do as parents?
What could you do as students?
What would you do to make a difference?


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